Tachileik Visa Run Oct 2018

Photo of Local people at the morning market in Tachileik Burma ©Slimnics 2018

If you are planning to do a visa run to Tachileik Burma. You may find this article helpful. This is my experience and It may not suit everyone. I have read different articles online and if I believed them, I would probably not have traveled to Tachileik. I went to Tachileik to explore and take photos, but also to get a stamp in my passport so I can have more time to be in Thailand. Where I love to explore and take photos also.

Call Thai Immigration 

I called Thai immigration in Chiang Rai. They said that I will get a 30 day stamp if coming back into Thailand from Tachileik. I explained that i have a UK passport and I already had a 60-day tourist visa and also did the additional 30 day extension. They said that is fine and I will get the 30 stamp to come back. It all worked out and was correct information.

Tachileik boy with tanaka, holds on to his mother in front of their home
Tachileik boy with Tanaka holds on to his mother in front of their home ©Slimnics

Keep reading if you would like to know more about my trip to Tachileik and more details about the visa process.

Photo of Myanmar market worker with traditional tattoos
Photo of Myanmar market worker with traditional tattoos ©slimnics 2018


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Nuns meditate at a Tachileik Monastery ©Slimnics 2018
Nuns meditate at a Tachileik Monastery ©Slimnics 2018

About Tachileik Burma

Tachileik is a small town at the border of Burma and Thailand. I travelled from Chiang Rai to Mai Sai to reach the border. I took the bus and it was about a 3-hour journey to the Mai Sai bus terminal then a 15-minute songtao ride to the border. For further info, you can read about Tachileik in Wikipedia here

Huge market at Mai Sai.

You can spend time walking around the market at Mai Sai before you go into Burma. Lots of the usual stuff including, various nuts, Chinese tea, budget clothing etc.

Women wearing traditional clothing in Tachileik
Women wearing traditional clothing in Tachileik ©Slimnics 2018

I really like Burma, I find the culture very interesting. The colour combinations, the fashions and friendly people. I love to explore Burma with my film camera.

In my experience, Myanmar people are very friendly, warm and welcoming.

Travel with an open heart and a friendly smile.

When I travel, I always try to have an open heart, a smile and be respectful of the culture and people. I find if I project a positive attitude, people will respond positively.

View of a temple in Tachileik ©slimnics 2018
View of a temple in Tachileik ©slimnics 2018

Thai Border: Going Into Tachileik

You can use Thai Baht. The Thai currency is used by everyone in Tachileik.

I got a 30-day stamp in my UK passport after a 60-day tourist visa then 30-day extension.

If you plan to stay longer than 24 hours in Tachileik, tell the Mayanmar immigration at the border and double-check the stamp on the receipt they give you.

drinking Myanmar tea in Tachileik
drinking Myanmar tea in Tachileik ©Slimnics

Info for Foreign People

Once through the Thai border control, it is a short walk across the bridge to the immigration office for Tachileik.

Pay 500baht.

Burma Immigration keep your passport and give a receipt.

Make sure you tell them if you plan to stay for more than a day. I made the mistake and did not check the stamp. I stayed for 2 nights, but the Burma Tachileik stamp was only for 24hours.

Check the stamp.

Tell them how long you will stay and check the date stamp is correct on the date stamp. This is on the receipt they give you.

They will want to know what your plan is.

I explained that I want to explore Tachileik.

Betel nut shop in Tachileik ©Slimnics 2018
Betel nut shop in Tachileik ©Slimnics 2018

Visa For Thai people

I.d. Document 30 baht

Going into Tachileik cost 40baht.

Thai people have to have a Document which costs 30baht. No passport was needed. The building to get this from is next to immigration in Mae Sae. It was 50 baht motorbike taxi there and back from the Tachileik border exit.

Walk into Tachileik.

Once this is all done. Walk a short distance and you are in Tachileik. Turn left at the roundabout. This is the way to the hotel.

Coming back into Thailand.

The visas I had before.

When I went into Tachileik I was coming off a 60-day tourist visa with an additional 30-day extension, which I did at Chiang Rai Immigration. I called immigration to ask if I could get a 1-month entry if I go to Tachileik. They said I can do this 2 times per year. A friend told me it is the calendar year.

Thai Immigration Coming Back

It was straight forward and I actually asked the immigration officer about the stamp. I said that some articles online suggest I can only get 15 days. One article I read suggested that I won’t be able to come back into Thailand at all if I had a tourist visa previously.

The officer said I get 30 days and I can do it 2 times per year.

Take the songtao back to the bus station, then bus back to Chiang Rai. This took around 3 hours.

Akha hill tribe women in Tachileik ©slimnics 2018
Akha hill tribe women in Tachileik ©slimnics 2018

Tachileik Hotel check-in. 

Update to this Oct 2019 – I now stay at the Nich Hotel. You can see the location here

Golden Cherry Hotel

Cost: 750 – 1200THB  They did not tell me about the 750 baht room until I asked about it. It is on the ground floor level. I took this room price.

Condition: The room was modern, with a nice bed, big TV and good aircon. The shower floor flooded, which was not enjoyable. I mentioned this but nothing was done about it.

Service: good. They generally wanted to help as best they could.

Breakfast: I was told it was very basic and not too good. I did not try it.

Wifi: There is wifi but it was starting and stropping. I enquired about it and the next day they said the got it serviced. It was improved but not by much. The staff were concerned about this and seemed as they wanted to help as much as they could.

Exploring Tachileik

Snake at Tachileik market ©slimnics 2018
Snake at Tachileik market ©slimnics 2018

I am a street photographer, so I like to walk in the back streets and explore. I found a nice pagoda, monastery, hill lookout, morning market.

During the day it was the direct sun with no clouds and dusty, Specially along the main road.

What To Wear In Tachilek

women sweeping the street in the morning in Tachileik ©slimnics 2018
women sweeping the street in the morning in Tachileik ©slimnics 2018


I explored Tachileik on foot, walking down side streets, along the main road and up long hills.

During the time I was there, October 2018, it was very hot, humid and dusty. I recommend wearing the following items;

  • Sun hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Nose mouth wrap
  • Sweat towel
  • Proper walking shoes

Note: women must cover their legs when entering any temple or pagodas.

Tachileik monk on motorbike in the rain ©Slimnics 2018
Tachileik monk on a motorbike in the rain ©Slimnics 2018

Tachileik Motorbike Taxi

Compared to Chiang Rai, the motorbike taxi was cheap. It cost 40baht to go from one side of town to the other. Maybe a 15-minute ride.



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